with Rene'
Retreat and Conference Topics

Note To Event Planners

Rene' Reilly addresses women with messages of encouragement, truth, and hope. Whether you are planning a weekend retreat, outreach event, or women's dinner those who attend will enjoy a time filled with good news and refreshing laughter...but don't leave the tissues at home!

Rene's messages are designed to bring the truth of God's Word to life in a relevant and interactive format. All messages include notes and discussion questions that will engage each individual making the message personal and applicable.

Rene' will also be glad to customize a message to tie in with your theme.


Look In, Look Up, Look Out
Are you feeling much less than enthusiastic? Is your glass mostly empty? Do you keep hearing a voice saying, "Fuel level is low", even when you are not in your car? Well, it might be time to look in, look up, and look out!
With this delightful message you will be reminded how to renew your spiritual vitality and live the joyful life that God intends for you!

My Way or the High Way
This message, based on Mark 22:1-14, will encourage you to find joy in your circumstances and teach you to take advantage of every opportunity God places in your path. Walk away prepared, aware, and bold for Jesus!

God Unlimited
Have you heard the old saying, "The sky is the limit"? Well not for God! Pull out all the "stops" as, together, we consider the character and power of God described in the book of Isaiah. Begin to look at God "out of the box" and stand in awe. He is much bigger than we imagine!

Never Say Never
Not living in God's power today can cause us to be unprepared for tomorrow. Suddenly our "I will never..." becomes "I can't believe I...". Let's take a look at the scriptures and learn from the hard lessons experienced by a favorite "never sayer ", Peter. He never saw it coming, but maybe you will!

She Must Be a Super Model
In today's world we are constantly bombarded with lies that shape our lives---lies such as: you are not good enough, pretty enough, successful enough.or perhaps you don't have enough...the list goes on and on. But the one thing that the world does not tell us is who we really are and what we really need, so stop trying to "find yourself" (you've already been found) and listen to what God has to say about you! Can you hear Him now?